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A Story of Loss and Love


Anastasia Gambill

Director, Writer

"I am drawn to explore the subject matter of deep personal loss and reformation through the transformational potential of theater. It can lead us to unexpected places, both performers and audience together. My work is movement driven, because bodies speak with the most direct and honest language. For this work I am seeking collaboration so the complexity of the material, which is both intensely personal and universal, can be voiced and interpreted in rich layers of meaning. There is nothing I want more than to see this come to life in front of an audience. It keeps me up at night."

Monica Welty

Writer, Performer

"For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to help other people feel better. I have wanted to take my experiences of suffering and pain and transform them into the ability to see and support others through their suffering and pain. Now, I return to my childhood dreams of dancing and writing armed with a decade of experience in holistic and natural health and turn my focus to healing and creating connection through art: theatre, performance, and writing. The culmination of my experience - the joy, the grief, the illness, the love, the transformation and the surviving- becomes Beloved."


Essential to Beloved's mission is artist collaboration and the support of local art and artists.

We are honored to have these talented artist work with us to create this beautiful and important work.

Anastasia Gambill

director, author

Anastasia Gambill has been a Portland resident since 2002. Her passion and training is in dance and experimental theater. She studied and performed at Lewis and Clark college, Cornish College of the arts, and The Evergreen State College. She has created and directed original work in Seattle & Olympia WA, Eugene & Portland, OR, and Vancouver B.C. Her influences and studies include the works of Anne Bogart, Sankai Juku, and Steve Paxton.

Since 2007, Gambill has worked in Portland, Oregon as a yoga and Pilates instructor and movement therapist. This year Gambill makes two important creative debuts with the documentary film, "Beyond Expectations" and the original performance piece "Beloved".

Monica Welty

writer, performer

Beloved is inspired by Monica's experience of grief, loss and revival after losing her son, her fertility and her marriage in one short year.

As a child, she aspired to be a writer and dancer and these events have brought her back to those lifelong dreams. To write, dance and produce Beloved, to bring truth and hope into our community about experience and overcoming devastating loss is a dream come true.

Monica is a massage therapist, holistic health coach, nutritionist and former Black Belt Nia instructor. She is an aspiring memoirist and blogs at Harvey the Hero and Up, Up and Her Way. She was a featured story teller on the Risk! Podcast. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her daughter, their cat and her son, Harvey, in her heart.

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